Handheld In-flight Entertainment

digEplayer XT

The digEplayer XT™ is lightweight and packed with cutting-edge features to make your customer's entertainment experience better than ever. Now your customers can spend hours enjoying the XT by watching movies, television, music videos, listening to music, playing games, and even shopping.

Sporting an 8-inch screen, the digEplayer XT offers true DVD quality video and crisp, clear text and graphics. The integrated credit card swipe, 60 gigabyte or larger hard drive, USB 2.0 port, wireless 802.11 connectivity, and two independently controlled headphone jacks add to each users listening and viewing pleasure.

With optional adapters supporting 802.11, AC, DC, and power over Ethernet, the modular accessory bay delivers more options and expansion than ever before. Even with all the upgrades, the XT boasts the proven, customer pleasing, 10-hour battery life of the original digEplayer 5500.

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Video of digEplayer XT