Providing portable inflight entertainment solutions

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At digEcor, we have experience working with over 30 customers in the aviation industry and the digEplayers are used every day by thousands of passengers around the world. The digEplayer products provide a fast and cost affective way for companies in the aviation industry to offer entertainment to their passengers.

There many advantages of a digEplayer over other systems.

  • The aircraft doesn't get taken out of service in order to install IFE
  • No seatback units to fail and leave passenger without IFE (improved customer satisfaction)
  • Weight savings by not having full IFE onboard, save money on fuel, only carry the # of players needed
  • We offer turn-key services, there is no need for dedicated staff
  • digEplayers are perfect for older aircraft that will never be retrofitted for a new IFE system
  • If a plane has a new route, it is easy to move the digEplayers from one plane to another
  • Real cost savings because digEcor spreads costs across multiple airlines
  • digEcor's products provide ancillary revenue generation opportunities

We work in many areas of the aviation industry in addition to scheduled airlines. Contact us today and we will work with you to quickly assess your needs and provide you with detailed product information, a market assessment, and the technical information you need to evaluate our products and services.