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The Challenge

Working through its partner Inflight Media, Jet Time Charter sought a simple IFE solution to replace an older, existing system from another provider. Jet Time emphasizes providing just what passengers want, such as variety and choice.

The Approach

Important parts of the program:

  1. Assessed existing system, passenger preferences and logistical requirements.
  2. Included both Scandinavian content, offered in Danish and Swedish, and Hollywood films, with Danish and Swedish sub-titles, for lots of selections.
  3. The long battery life, easy-to-see battery status indicator lights and quick swapping battery eased operations.
  4. Spontaneous dancing in the aisle ensued (not really, but if it had, we would have YouTube'd it).

The Results

The passenger response has been very positive. For example, the age appropriate content, such as games, for children has been very well received. Jet Time and its passengers have also found the digEplayers to be easier to handle than the previous system.

"When scanning the market for a new player, we found that the digEplayer was one of the best devices on the market at the time. This system is made specifically for airlines. For example, the batteries are very easy to change and recharge, which is essential in the airline industry."

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