Nothing turns a passenger off faster than a fuzzy or poor image on an IFE system. Upgrading to an LCD monitor ensures lower fuel burn, higher reliability, and better overall passenger satisfaction. Additionally, you can retrofit an entire aircraft with new LCD monitors overnight.
  • As shown above, you can obtain a brilliant LCD monitor in a size that meets your needs.
  • Due to attractive pricing, the payback period is also low. For example, the popular 15 inch model averages 20-25 months payback depending on your existing repair costs.
  • Feel confident in your purchase knowing that you are backed with a full 2 year warranty and digEcor's repair services.
  • Impress your passengers with the 178 degree viewing angle and crisp, clear image due to the higher resolution of the LCD screen.
  • Sensitive to fuel burn, each monitor weighs less than a CRT monitor or other competitors' monitors.
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 "I was amazed at our last tradeshow when our competitors approached us and asked how we were able to build a monitor with such a low weight, yet so thin and with a higher screen resolution. They then walked away chatting with our spec sheet in hand." - Chris Colgrove, PMA Program Manager