We have teamed with IFE Products to source a large variety of LED replacement lights for cabin interiors. Our lights are direct replacements for OEM filament lamps and are designed for use on Boeing, Airbus, and Regional aircraft.
  • Each lamp lasts more than 10 times the useful life of a filament bulb (50,000 hours).
  • LED lamps also use 85-97% less power saving fuel on each flight hour.
  • The LED bulbs produce 50-75% less heat for a cooler cabin environment.
  • With a higher color temperature, the lamps produce a whiter light.
  • We offer lights for cabin ceiling and sidewall lights, reading lights, indicator lights, and logo lights.
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 As you know I have been tasked to do the technical evaluation for the reading light replacement to support an Airbus proposal to its customers... I strongly feel IFE Products is the company Airbus should team up with to accomplish this effort." - Airbus Representative