Use our suite of tools to better connect with your passengers.

You have probably read just as many articles as we have about how consumers are more empowered than every before. In fact, you've probably seen it. For example, travel sites make it easy for passengers to jump from brand to brand. We're interested, invested really, in helping to strengthen your brand and passenger relationships.

Mobile Cabin Application

ENGAGE by digEcor integrates with airline ground systems to make current data accessible in the air on a mobile device.

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Online Reservation Portal

Make it easy for your passengers to reserve a digEplayer before they fly.

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Numbers and drunks don't lie. Our usage data helps you make better decisions about your IFE program.

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Voice of Customer

Implement an in-flight survey program to find out exactly what passengers think about the flying experience while flying.

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Marketing Programs

We've seen what works and what doesn't work. And we've learned the secrets to success. Let us be a resource.

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