Progress on the XT manufacturing & Shipping

SPRINGVILLE, Utah - May 25, 2006 - In an informal interview today, Brent Wood, digEcor's CEO said that there was some confusion on when the XT version of the digEplayer would be available for shipment to customers. He revealed that the main computer boards were on schedule at Wolf Electronix. Wolf will use its existing multiple board assembly lines to product the needed boards for production.

Mr. Wood said that when reduced its staff last fall, repair of the 5500 model was turned over to digEcor, who at that time hired staff and established a repair department. At that same time, sold its inventory of repair parts to digEcor and also directed digEcor to obtain its future repair parts from companies such as Maycom.

Mr. Wood said that its final assembly line for the XT will actually be done by moving its existing 5500 repair department to another area of its building (scheduled for the first week of June) and adding additional staff and equipment. The initial assembly work will be under the direction of a Triad engineer who has 40 years experience with new product manufacturing for HP. Triad has approximately 125 hardware and software people available to help on a contract basis.

With Triad's combined employee experience, they have brought over 250 new products to market and have used that same experience to develop the XT product. They were given the goal of designing all the best features of the 5500 into the XT (without the use of IP) and add new features and the latest technology available to insure that the XT will be the best player on the market. A further goal was to make the XT design match the needs for digEcor's future embedded system. They have met and exceeded those goals and digEcor will meet its goal of having players in stock by mid to late summer.

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