Providing portable inflight entertainment solutions

IFE Rental Programs

An inflight entertainment rental program is an effective way to generate a return on your investment. Having worked with dozens of airlines, we have the experience and expertise to aide in implementing a well organized program. For example, one of our customers completely pays for its IFE, both hardware and content, through a rental program. Other airlines use a mix of free to business class and a nominal charge to economy class.

Logistically, we help coordinate and employ a solution to fit your needs. You may decide to handle the provisioning (cleaning, battery swapping, and content changes) yourself or contract out the services. Either way, our customer service staff is always available to create workable solutions.

Secure rentals in advance of flights

We launched the first Internet based reservation portal for inflight entertainment. Meaning, months or days in advance, a passenger can go to and reserve a digEplayer for a specific flight on a specific day.

Several of the advantages include:

  • Securing revenue in advance of the flight
  • Helping to predict utilization or up-take levels
  • And further engaging your passengers in the flying experience

Our goal has been to provide a complete solution that alleviates your workload while increasing profitability. As an example, two of the valuable aspects of our reservation system are the fact that we handle the site hosting and customer service support for portal users and the occasional direct marketing to the users resulting in increased revenue.

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