digEcor™ and eFlyte Sign Letter of Intent to Provide Games on digEplayer XT™ For Portable In-flight Entertainment

SPRINGVILLE, Utah - April 4, 2006 - digEcor™ announced today that it has signed a Letter of Intent with eFlyte to offer customers eFlyte games on its new digEplayer XT portable IFE player.

The world's first self-contained, portable video on demand (VOD) entertainment unit pre-programmed with movies, television shows, cartoons, videos and music, as well as airline destination information, promotions and advertising. The unit will now come pre-programmed with selected games - some at no charge to the airlines and other more complex games at a small charge.

"We are delighted that eFlyte has chosen to team with digEcor to make games part of the entertainment package available on the digEplayer XT," said Brent Wood, CEO of digEcor. "The cutting-edge design, ease of use and wide variety of entertainment choices on the digEplayer XT will make the passenger's flying experience better than ever. The games that our new platform can handle are far more challenging than the simple games currently found on other players."

In addition to regular games, the digEplayer XT will support gaming offered by eFlyte, the terms of which will be negotiated between eFlyte and the airlines. DigEcor will not participate in gaming revenues generated by use of the eFlyte gaming programs.

"Over 26 airlines have chosen the digEplayer model 5500," added Mr. Wood. Several airlines are ready to announce their selection of the digEplayer XT soon.

While the new digEplayer XT has an 8-inch screen, is thinner and lighter, has a more powerful battery, and a larger hard drive than the 5500 model - its costs will still be very competitive.

About digEcor
digEcor will unveil the new digEplayer XT, a product that will raise the bar in the In-flight Entertainment world at the Interiors Show in Hamburg, Germany, April 4th, 5th, and 6th. digEcor is leading the industry with cutting edge technology and new designs. digEcor is based in Springville, UT, with support offices in Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, Australia, Japan and Toulouse, France. Visit digEcor on-line at www.digecor.com or call us at 801-489-2120.

About eFlyte
Headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, eFlyte was founded in 1999 by Dan Harris and David Morgan. eFlyte's mission is to bring the world's airlines the widest range of popular entertainment solutions unique to the aircraft environment. eFlyte's history of innovation began with the introduction of the first ever cabin-wide multi-player games to the in-flight entertainment environment. eFlyte is now a leading producer of in-flight software and boasts a solid track record in delivering innovative, leading edge in-flight games and software applications. Mr. Harris can be contacted by email at [email protected]. Fax 904 448-9757 or Phone 904 448-8758 ext. 201.

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