digEcor™ Finalizes
digEplayer XT™ Manufacturing Plans

SPRINGVILLE, Utah - May 17, 2006 - digEcor™ announced today that the new digEplayer XTs are on track for a summer release of their new player. Assembly of the unit will be done by digEcor in the facilities of its parent company, Wencor, in Springville, Utah. Wencor is a manufacturer of aircraft quality products under ISO9001/2000 and AS9100.

DigEcor further announced it is now prepared to sell its XT platform to other companies who may resell them to third party users.

Wolf Electronix, a company that specializes in electronic assembly of circuit boards, will manufacture the circuit boards for the DigEplayer XT. "This is an incredible opportunity to accentuate the quality and value of a domestic electronics CM in today's competitive labor market," said Jim Trent, Jr., president of Wolf's Electronix. "Wolf Electronix is excited to partner with digEcor, another Utah county company, in bringing cutting-edge technology to the global stage."

Triad Systems Engineering, LLC designed the new digEplayer XT under contract to digEcor. "The XT is not just an upgrade or improved DigEplayer 5500," said Steve Hurst, digEcor's Product Development Manager. "It's a totally new player based upon the latest and best components and software available, making it more powerful than anything else on the market."

"Having the final assembly here in Springville will give us better control of both quality and delivery," continued Hurst. "Barring any delay from government regulatory agencies, production quantities of the XT should be available for delivery by mid to late summer."

"Our source for manufacturing the digEplayer 5500 (the first portable IFE unit in the world) created some issues for us," said Brent Wood, CEO of digEcor. "Deliveries were often late and when players were delivered to us some players had problems. We decided that the best solution is to manufacture the product ourselves. We are already purchasing components and have started construction of the final assembly line."

DigEcor also revealed that the XT platform will be used on some Amtrak trains, cruise ships, ferries and buses. Several hospitals in several countries have requested quotes from digEcor for use in their hospitals. The XT product is a full functioning tablet computer that can connect to various devices, including computer key boards, game controllers, and more.

Orders for the XT are in final signing phases and several customers should be sending news releases soon.

More about the digEplayer XT
The digEplayer XT is lightweight and packed with cutting-edge features. The unit sports an 8-inch TFT screen and offers true DVD quality video and crisp, clear text and graphics.

The integrated credit card swipe, 60 or larger gigabyte hard drive, USB 2.0 host port, and two independently controlled headphone mini-jacks add to each passengers listening and viewing pleasure.

The addition of optional 802.11 a/b/g wireless facilitates content uploads of movies, TV sitcoms, games, audio, credit card transactions, usage statistics, and more.

With optional adapters supporting AC, DC, and power over Ethernet, the modular accessory bay delivers options and expansion, including a 10-hour battery.

About digEcor
DigEcor is leading the portable IFE industry with cutting edge technology and new designs. digEcor is based in Springville, UT, with offices in Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, and Toulouse, France. Visit digEcor online at www.digecor.com or call us at 801-489-2120.

About TSE
Triad Systems Engineering, LLC was established in 2001 by engineers and industry professionals. TSE provides consulting and solutions to the electronic and computer industry, from "idea" to "proof of concept", to manufactured products, TSE has the skills needed. For more information, see the web site at www.TriadSysEng.com.

About Wolf Electronix
Wolf Electronix, an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Provider was founded in 1996 in Orem, UT. It was the first contract manufacturer (CM) headquartered in the state of Utah to be awarded an ISO 9002 registration for their quality management system. Since that time they have upgraded to the highly regarded ISO 9001/2000 registration and maintain that certification in UT as well as their Loveland, Colorado location.

Wolf has also been recognized as the "Utah 100" #1 fastest growing company in the past as compiled by Mountain West Venture Group, a non-profit organization that promotes business growth in the state of Utah. For more information, please call (801) 802-7700 or visit www.wolfelectronix.com.

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