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The digEplayer L Series: A look at the development and background

We have been fortunate over the last few months as several airlines have launched a new digEplayer L7 program. In fact, just today we announced that Sun Country is upgrading. For this post, I’m diving into a bit of the background, development work and reasons why airlines have rapidly accepted the L7.

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In-flight Service Trends to Watch for in 2011

As 2010 draws to a close, I find myself pondering on the changes in the industry and what is coming in the next 12 months. I’m sure that many of you are going through the same mental exercise. As a vendor to the airline industry, our success depends on being able to navigate trends and identify long-term solutions.

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How Consumers are Searching Online for Airlines

Since my job is to focus on all things marketing, I follow several online publications. One of my favorite’s, Hubspot, recently produced an Online Marketing Opportunity Report. At first, I was greedy and kept the information to myself. I’ve repented though and decided to share the valuable information with the industry.

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