Engage Cabin Crew Mobile Application

The days of sifting through reams of paper to find a passenger's connecting flight or special meal request are gone. ENGAGE by digEcor integrates with airline ground systems to make current data accessible in the air on a mobile device. Cabin crew have all relevant passenger information available at the swipe of a finger and can complete operational reports on the device in-flight.

ENGAGE was developed by Australian aviation systems integration and application development specialist, Intelligent Pathways. Currently used by Australia’s biggest airline, ENGAGE is a user focused solution that empowers cabin crew to provide exceptional customer service to passengers.

ENGAGE also streamlines operational efficiency by enabling electronic data capture and reporting in the air.

How ENGAGE Works

Pre-Flight In-Flight Post-Flight
1) The crew downloads their flight to the device 1) The crew accesses the stored data on the mobile device 1) The crew synchronises the device with the ENGAGE Ground server
2) Applicable flight data including manifest, passenger profile, crew, defects and notes are loaded from the airline ground systems 2) The crew captures data about passengers, operations or defects during the flight on the device 2) All data recorded in-flight including loyalty sign-ups, passenger notes, feedback, defects and reports are transferred back to the ground server and stored
3) This data is stored on the device database 3) This data is stored on the device database 3) This data is then published to the relevant airline systems via web service, file transfer or database operations

Find out today how ENGAGE by digEcor can increase your passengers' satisfaction in-flight!

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