What I LOVE about in-flight entertainment systems

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A few days ago, we posted comments from a passenger about what she hated about IFE. In this post, we have the comments from a different passenger after we asked her, “What do you love about in-flight entertainment systems?”

You never think about in-flight entertainment until you are stuck on a plane with nothing to do. For those of us who remember the days in which in-flight entertainment meant that the flight attendants might have a couple of decks of cards to pass around, the options offered today seem incredible. Frankly, I love the choices I have when on board a plane; here are some of the reasons why.

Engaged Children

Ever sit on a long flight with children on every side and nothing to do? Between the whining, kicking and general mayhem, it isn’t an experience I would recommend to anyone. For a few dollars parents can offer television or movies to their kids, keeping them entertained, busy and relatively quiet for a few hours.

The most modern of planes even offer game systems that the children can make use of. Perhaps these choices aren’t as educational as the books I packed along when I traveled as a kid, but they certainly keep kids occupied.

Personal Preferences

Not that long ago when planes offered entertainment it was in the form of a single movie on a large screen in the front of each cabin. Sometimes you couldn’t see the screen, other times the movie wasn’t appropriate for children. If you flew a lot you ended up seeing the same movie repeatedly. Today you have a selection of movies as well as television channels from which to pick.

If you don’t want to watch something you can still tune in to the wide variety of music channels. There is always something you can put up with for a few hours.

Paper? Magazine?

While few planes still hand out magazines or newspapers, unless you are on an international flight, they all seem to carry their own publication and the ubiquitous Sky Mall catalog. The airline periodical is usually loaded with travel tips, local guides and other short, yet interesting articles, while the Sky Mall catalog is an experience in and of itself.

This is a tribute to excessive consumption of a truly unique brand. How many people seriously consider purchasing a giant brontosaurus lawn ornament or an electrolysis kit while in the air? Never the less there is something about the selection of items that Sky Mall offers that entertains and intrigues when you are sitting at 25,000 feet, and I consider it to be some of the very best in-flight entertainment around.

Self Service

Of course you always have the option of bringing along your personal electronic devices. Tablets, MP3 players, video devices and game systems are all small enough to pack in your carry on. You can enjoy exactly the in-flight entertainment you want, just wait until the pilot gives the all clear.

Who knows what innovations will appear in the next few years to keep passengers entertained. It will sure be fun to watch.

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