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With six years of IFE experience, Adam is currently a freelance writer for several industry publications and marketing consultant for vendors. He can be found online at BrandFailure.com and @SpeakWithAdam.
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Airline Solutions Insider Blog Launch

Airline Solutions Insider has one simple objective: find and share the most thought-provoking and salient IFE&C news on the Internet. Our goal is not to promote digEcor and its products. But rather, participate responsibly in the IFE industry by starting discussions and joining conversations that are already happening online.

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Will in-flight connectivity be profitable?

Each month, I have the pleasure of finding several valuable and interesting articles for our newsletter Airline Solutions Insider. In my search, I had found several articles suggesting that in-flight Wi-Fi would be free by next summer when another article outlining how much revenue the connectivity industry was set to generate this year caught my attention. Not surprising, there are some opposing views of how financially viable in-flight connectivity is or will be.

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Video goggles as an IFE Solution?

I recently read an article about using 3D video goggles as inflight entertainment. Over the last few years, I’ve participated in several conversations about whether or not video goggles are really viable. In this article, I briefly outline some of the arguments for and against the concept.

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Key Findings from the 2010 Passenger Survey

We surveyed a random group of 364 passengers and compiled the data into the 2010 Airline Passenger Survey. The full results are available for free download.

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6 Trends to ask your IFE&C provider about

Facing a greater need than ever to offer competitive services, run each program efficiently, and turn a profit, airlines should expect more from an IFE provider. To help out, we have compiled a short list of six trends in inflight entertainment and connectivity that you should ask your IFE provider about. If you don’t yet offer IFE, then use these same questions when vetting potential solution providers.

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Generating ancillary income through Revenue Sponsored Entertainment

Over the last year, we’ve seen a lot of change in the airline industry - everything from emerging inflight Internet to paying for luggage. Most exciting though, is the increased interest in using the inflight entertainment platform as a vehicle for revenue generation. With ever-advancing changes in digital entertainment on the ground, airlines are poised to implement new content and applications that create strong revenue streams and provide value to passengers.

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