Airline Solutions Insider Blog Launch

Since December of 2009, we have been producing a monthly newsletter titled Airline Solutions Insider. Based on the positive response, we are expanding the program into several new channels.

Airline Solutions Insider Word CloudThe objective

Airline Solutions Insider has one simple objective: find and share the most thought-provoking and salient IFE&C news on the Internet. With the launch of this blog, we will also begin producing or creating some of that thought-provoking news ourselves. Our goal is not to promote digEcor and its products. But rather, participate responsibly in the IFE industry by starting discussions and joining conversations that are already happening online.

More specifically, we will cover topics such as in-flight entertainment hardware, in-flight content, ancillary revenue programs, connectivity, and other in-flight services that affect the passenger experience.

Airline Solutions Insider blog

The purpose of launching this blog is to provide information, such as research, more frequently than just once a month in our newsletter. Think of this as a repository. We will gather gems of knowledge and store them here for you to browse and use to better your program offerings.

We hope that you will join us by lending your thoughts and insights. Please leave your candid feedback in the comments section of our posts. Also, guest posts are always welcome. Just email us.

LinkedIn Group

We have created a dedicated group on LinkedIn as a forum for sharing information and creating open dialog. The group is open to all aviation related companies. To join, just click here. Thank you to those who have already joined and begun discussions.

YouTube Channel and Twitter profile

Just as a picture says a thousand words, a video is really the best of both worlds. Our YouTube Channel will be filled with interviews, reports, and sometimes just humorous videos.

For those of you who find you can’t eat breakfast until you’ve checked Twitter, then connect with us via our Twitter profile. We love reading what others have to say and retweeting.

Monthly Newsletter

We will continue the Airline Solutions Insider monthly newsletter as normal. If you are not already a subscriber, consider joining the other 700+ industry insiders receiving valuable information directly in their inbox once a month. Disclaimer: We hate spam too. To join, just click and fill out a brief subscription form.

You are cordially invited

Even though I may enjoy the sound of my own voice, I would rather hear from you. So consider this post your invitation to connect with us via one of the above mentioned channels and share the information you believe to be valuable. As an industry, as colleagues, even as friends, we can find better solutions to the challenges facing the industry today.

About Adam Williams

With six years of IFE experience, Adam is currently a freelance writer for several industry publications and marketing consultant for vendors. He can be found online at and @SpeakWithAdam.

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