The digEplayer� 5500, the winner of the 2004 IFE (In-flight Entertainment) product of the year award, is the world's first self-contained, hand held portable video on demand (VOD) entertainment unit. The system is typically preprogrammed with movies, television shows, cartoons, videos, music, as well as airline destination information, promotions and advertising. APS currently has content provision agreements with Universal Studios, Buena Vista, Warner Brothers, and 20th Century Fox.

Films are usually available three weeks ahead of store rentals. Many films are available on the digEplayer in multiple languages. Each digEplayer� is about the same size and weight as a portable DVD player. Each digEplayer contains a 40 (or larger) gigabyte hard drive and utilizes the latest digital technology. In addition, each unit has over ten hours of battery life.

The digEplayer is not only a cost-efficient means for airlines to provide entertainment, but it can also generate profits from rentals and advertising.