The digEsystem is the first self-contained stand-alone embedded IFE system. Airlines will have the option to provide entertainment to any cabin, zone, seat or passenger on any flight, on any aircraft. Work crews can move units from plane to plane and seat to seat, via a key and docking stations.

The digEsystem will come with a 8, or 10 inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touchscreen that gives passengers easy access to all content options. The architecture is flexible, scalable and uses innovative system and component design techniques.

A 802.11a encrypted wireless network allows for fast, secure upload of content.

All units will have a 60 or 80 GB hard drive and an USB 2.0 port for optional passenger control devices for games, keyboards, and memory sticks. A credit card reader allows the capture of funds, easing flight attendants involvement. Once a plane lands for the day, credit card transactions can be transferred via an encrypted wireless network.

With no headend rack required and minimal weight, airlines save on fuel.

The digEsystem gives passengers a wide spectrum of cabin entertainment options. The system is typically programmed with movies, plus television shows, cartoons, videos, music, as well as airline destination information, promotions and advertising. Content will be provided by 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Buena Vista, Universal, DreamWorks. More studios to be announced soon.

The enhanced system will have Audio and Video on Demand, Games, Books and Magazines, Airline Information, Surveys/usage Data reports, Broadcast Video, Newspapers, Moving Map, Airport/Gate Information, Crew Functions, and Intranet with more options to come.