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Meeting customer requirements

  • The opportunity for entertainment
  • Acquired additional passengers

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The Challenge

In addition to regularly scheduled flights, Sun Country serves as a charter operator from time to time. Contractually, Sun Country is required to provide in-flight entertainment on some of the flights. Wanting to meet customer expectations, Sun Country sought at an affordable alternative.

The Solution

How Sun Country's operations have been affected by implementing a digEplayer IFE program:

  1. Passengers love the digEplayers and look forward to them
  2. Crews like the digEplayer as it gives passengers something to do on longer flights
  3. Great for unaccompanied minors and kids so they have something to entertain themselves onboard the flights
  4. The size, ease of handling and light weight of the player are a great fit

The Results

Because of the requirements of certain clientele, Sun Country noted that without the digEplayer it "would miss out on those opportunities so it has been beneficial in acquiring additional business."

"Overall, love the product and would recommend it to other carriers."

Matt Hoiness
Director - Inflight, Sun Country Airlines

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