A story about David & Johnson, an IFE dilemma [SLIDESHOW]

To prepare for my presentation at the China IFEC Summit that took place last week in Guangzhou, I began writing down all of the options that face IFE managers today. It feels that of late, the number of alternatives has grown substantially in both variety and number. In fact, there are around 25 IFE providers today. When we started in this industry, we had pretty much only one question to address, “Why handheld over embedded?” Now, that question has been expanded to cover a myriad of possibilities including consumer electronics.

The presentation below is a glimpse at what’s going on in this market in story form. I hope that you enjoy it!

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About Adam Williams

With six years of IFE experience, Adam is currently a freelance writer for several industry publications and marketing consultant for vendors. He can be found online at BrandFailure.com and @SpeakWithAdam.