We’ve launched a new website designed around the information you want

New Website

For sometime now, we’ve been working on a new website in order to better address your needs and communicate what we have to offer.

Using analytics and on-site surveys (thank you if you answered one of them), we found that our old site wasn’t setup to allow you to quickly and easily find the right information. Part of the problem was that in our effort to provide lots of information, we created too many pages that were difficult to navigate. So we rethought the design, structure and information from the ground-up.

I want to call attention to a few highlights to get you started as you explore the new site.

The types of service we offer

We placed everything we do into one of five buckets.

  1. IFE Hardware: This is where you’ll find information about each of the systems that we offer, including our new GLIDE embedded system.
  2. Content Services: Either as an add-on to an IFE Hardware deal or as a stand alone service, we are able to source, encode and manage content for AVOD, seat back and handheld systems. (Check out our new online media management system)
  3. Ancillary Revenue: As long time believers in turning IFE into a revenue generator, we outline a few ways to create revenue streams such as In-flight Advertising.
  4. Passenger Services: We are able to help build out several programs that help strengthen your relationship with your passengers, such as providing an online reservation portal for advanced IFE rentals or in-flight surveys.
  5. Repair Services: We have an FAA certificated repair station allowing us to not only repair our devices but a variety of electronic components.

We’ve moved navigation to all of the other important but often not visited pages to the bottom of the page so that you can focus on finding the pages that are more relevant.

Sharing IconsEase of sharing

It may make sense for you to print a page or email the link to a colleague and we wanted to make that easier. We’ve added three buttons on every page (pictured to the right).

This may seem like a trivial addition to the site but it makes sharing content easier.

Use of success stories

I think we all like to see how others implement solutions so that we can make improvements or envision how we might use the same solution. To that end, we’ve started developing a series of success stories that are very concise. We currently have three available. I recommend starting with Jet Time Charter operations.

We’ll be adding a fourth success story in the next few weeks.

And not to sell ourselves short, go browse through Our Story and see how we’ve grown from a baggage handler to an international corporation.


We offer an array of accessories for our IFE systems or others for that matter. For example, our Content Update Station allows up to 100 digEplayer L7s to be updated at once. Or we can source Headphones for any IFE program. Take a look and let us know if there is some way that we can help you.

Last comment

As I mentioned before, the objective for this redesign is to make your job easier. We want you to be able to easily and quickly find the information that you need in order to better perform your job and service your passengers. We hope that you’ll find that to be the case.

About Ben Fuller

Ben, originally from the Seattle area, has traveled the globe over the last 15 years working in sales and marketing for several technology companies. He is now the Director of Sales for Central and South America at digEcor.