Bill Boyer

Early Days

We pioneered the handheld IFE industry in 2003 when Bill Boyer, a baggage handler at Alaska Airlines, decided to take entertainment into his own hands.

Brendan Gallgher

Award Winning

In 2004, the digEplayer 5500 won IFE Product of the Year at the IPEC Inflight Online Awards Dinner. Brendan Gallgher presented the award. We miss Badger.

digEcor Home Office

The Big Move

Then APS was purchased, renamed digEcor and moved to Springville, UT, where the headquarters are still located with satellite locations worldwide.

Frost and Sullivan

A New Generation

In 2008, the digEplayer XT, and later the XLP, was released. Despite new industry entrants, research firm Frost & Sullivan named us market leaders.

digEplayer L7 on Tray Table

The Touch Revolution

Partnering with China based Lefeel Media Tech, we created the L Series in 2010 featuring overhauled software, an improved GUI and a touch screen.


Gliding Forward

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with our partners to create a seat back system that is low weight and fully scalable.

Great Opportunity Ahead

What's to Come?

We have big plans and projects that we are currently working on. We hope to be a part of your future and you ours.

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