GLIDE Tape Replacement System

Upgrade and simplify your overhead IFE.

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Still using analog systems to run your IFE?

Tape Replacement System

We're driven by developing simple, effective and low-cost IFE solutions that benefit our customers. Our latest innovation uses a single wall-mounted LRU to replace an entire narrow body Video Control Center. It’s fully digital, lightweight and competitively priced to pay for itself through maintenance savings. The system connects to existing overhead audio and video. And because it’s small, you'll return valuable space to your passengers and crew.

Tape Replacement System

You can replace the entire Video Control Center (VCC) with a single, small Cabin Management Unit (CMU). Some of the features of the CMU that make it very accessible and convenient include:

  • Seat controls such as resets and parental guidance
  • Food and beverage ordering management
  • Rapid content swaps and content updates
  • Remotely controllable



Knowing that fuel burn is important to you, a typical installation weighs less than 2 kilograms (4.5 pounds).

Fast Install

Fast Installation

Built to be easily installed, this system installs in just two overnight maintenance windows.

Fully Digital


Not only is the quality of the content better, but it is faster to update via the use of flash drives.

Low Cost

Dollar Sign

With a legacy of being a low cost provider, we've taken as much cost out as possible so you pay less.

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