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digEcor, Inc.
Springville, Utah
March 28, 2008

Media Contact: Adam Williams
Phone: 801.489.2031
E-mail: [email protected]

digEcor, Inc. Set to Make a Splash at AIRCRAFT INTERIORS EXPO in Hamburg

Once again, the pioneer and premium producer of portable media players (PMPs) will be attending the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg April 1-3, 2008. "This is a very important show for us", remarks Brad Heckel, President of digEcor. "It gives digEcor the opportunity to reach one its most important target markets: the Airlines."

digEcor is not only the pioneer in PMPs, having launched the first PMP (award-winning digEplayer 5500) in 2003, but continues to be the leader in the PMP industry, providing a vertically integrated solution. digEcor's unique TES approach includes providing equipment either through outright purchase or lease options, content acquisition/licensing/integration, and turnkey provisioning (logistics) services. Being the largest and leading provider of PMPs affords digEcor the economies of scale to ensure the lowest total cost of product ownership, content licensing costs, and operation for its valued and growing list of Airline customers.

digEcor's flagship product, the digEplayerXT, will once again be on display at the show. The XT is considered the "Roll's Royce" of PMPs with its stunning, high resolution DVD quality display spanning 8", a built-in credit card reader enabling credit card payments for pay-per-view, player rentals, gaming, and now, a first from digEcor, the opportunity to create non-ticket revenue (NTR) streams from various applications. Heckel stated, "digEcor's primary goal is not simply to provide entertainment but to augment it through information, infomercials, games and gaming, and live news (future application) in order to meet and exceed passengers' growing expectations of a better flying experience."

Additionally, the XT's built in wireless capability permits the download of user statistics and several modular bay power options, including specially designed power over Ethernet (POE) for faster content uploads, all equate to the XT being the very best Portable Media Player available today. The XT's superiority is proven by the number of airlines, such as L'Avion, Vision Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia, which have selected the digEplayer for its primary and supplementary IFE requirements.

Please come and visit us at our booth 2D15 or, for expediency, please schedule an advance meeting/demonstration by contacting Josh Rasmussen at [email protected] for an appointment.

About digEcor, Inc.

digEcor provides a turn-key solution specializing in sourcing, encoding, and encrypting content, pioneering proprietary personal media platforms that also drive fuel savings, and implementing end-to-end programs. With years of experience, digEcor's team focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed solutions, and generating revenue opportunities for clients. To widen the accessibility of entertainment in the travel industry, digEcor has entered the healthcare, train, and maritime industries while maintaining a strong presence in the In-flight Entertainment market. Based in Springville, Utah, digEcor has offices in Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, and Toulouse, France. Visit digEcor online at www.digEcor.com or call +1 801 489 2022.