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digEcor | Content Services
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Content Sevices

digEcor has years of experience in providing content management services to its customers across multiple industries and across the world. We offer the broadest selection of content including Hollywood content, Independent content, television content, foreign/regional content, foreign language support, and non-video content such as music, games, shopping, and books.

We offer a turn-key solution handling the content selection, licensing, encoding/encryption, content integration, quality assurance, and delivery.

Our Content Services Group provides the following services:
  • Content licensing
  • The broadest content selection available (Movies, TV, Games, Books, etc)
  • Video content (Hollywood, Independent, and Regional)
  • Foreign language support / Translation services
  • Non-video content (games, books, surveys, etc)
  • Integration services
  • MPAA audited video lab services (encoding, encrypting, layback, etc)
  • Content delivery network/server managment
  • Content usage tracking
  • Global digEplayer reservation system for passengers/customers
  • Quality Assurance
We deliver the best technical solutions and content packages for you and your customers!