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Offer your customer a personalized experience.
If current consumer electronic trends teach anything, the lesson is that consumers are accustomed to personal media devices (emphasis on personal). For example, try telling a nine year old that she has to watch "On Golden Pond" while flying across the nation. Guaranteed, neither she nor her parents are going to be happy.

Do you often wish you could watch that favorite episode of a television show? Or maybe watching something shorter just better suits your schedule. Simply browse through the list of TV shows available on each player and you will find what you need to satisfy your entertainment craving. Region specific television programming is also available.

At an economical price, the XT offers a wide array of movie options on each device so that each user has a personalized entertainment experience. Whether selecting from pre-release Hollywood movies, classic movies, independent films, or popular regional movies (such as Bollywood), any demographic can have a suitable selection of movies in the palm of the hand. And after years of experience, digEcor demonstrates that the personal value for passengers results in a successful rental program.