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digEplayer XT


Casual gaming is an exploding industry.
The online gaming industry has recently displaced the entertainment industry in annual revenue. Casual gaming has become an activity of choice for many adults as well as teenagers and children. The digEplayer comes loaded with a host of games, including classics such as Tetris™, Poker™, Blackjack™, Invasion™, and Solitaire™.

Playing to your customer base.
Just as with movies and other programming, digEcor has valuable relationships with game distributors and we can prepare a mix that appropriately suits the demographics of your customer base. For example, we have a selection of games for young children that help memory development and shape recognition.

Interactive gaming.
Using the built-in wireless card and a wireless access point, we can enable the players for interactive gaming. Meaning, one user can play against another user over a short distance. In fact, if you visit us at a tradeshow, you just may find customers in our booth competing against each other.