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Contact: Adam Williams
Phone: +1 801 489 2031
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New IFE sale, handheld incumbent wins on price

SPRINGVILLE, Utah (August 21, 2008) - As excitement builds for the annual WAEA show in Long Beach, portables market leader digEcor, Inc. is pleased to announce that long time customer Pacific Blue has placed an order to upgrade to the eye-catching digEplayer XT. Presently, Pacific Blue flies digEplayer 5500s, digEcor's award winning launch product.

"Many recent news articles describe current events, such as the rise in fuel prices, as threatening future purchases of IFE products as airlines look for cost savings. Through careful research and planning, we have positioned ourselves to help airlines overcome traditional barriers by minimizing the total cost of ownership and creating revenue streams. Pacific Blue is another example of a current customer that values the relationship we have built with them and the value proposition that we offer," explained Brad Heckel, President and COO of digEcor.

The digEplayer XTs will be flying exclusively on international flights from Christchurch and Auckland to Australia as well as on all flights to the Pacific Islands. In total, the unparalleled digEplayers will begin flying in September on 10 Boeing 737-800s. When asked about factors that led to the decision to upgrade and extend the contract for several years, Pacific Blue cited the low price as key.

In addition to the new sale, Heckel enthusiastically elaborated on digEcor's preparations to launch a redesigned website, "As demonstrated in our ongoing efforts to provide valuable improvements to our product family, we are dedicated to equipping clients and prospective clients with better services, information, and support - essentially, a better overall experience. To that end, we will be launching a redesigned website in the coming weeks before the WAEA show that will allow airlines to better understand and evaluate the advantages that we offer."

You can visit with digEcor representatives at Booth 645 at the WAEA show, September 8-11. To set up an appointment for the show, contact Adam Williams at either +1 801 489 2031 or [email protected].

About digEcor, Inc.

digEcor provides a turn-key solution specializing in sourcing, encoding, and encrypting content, pioneering proprietary personal media platforms that also drive fuel savings, and implementing end-to-end programs. With years of experience, digEcor's team focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed solutions, and generating revenue opportunities for clients. To widen the accessibility of entertainment in the travel industry, digEcor has entered the healthcare, train, and maritime industries while maintaining a strong presence in the In-flight Entertainment market. Based in Springville, Utah, digEcor has offices in Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, and Toulouse, France. Visit digEcor online at www.digEcor.com or call +1 801 489 2022.