Cabin Management

Achieve crew efficiency, cost savings and a superior passenger experience with this user friendly interface and cabin management terminal

Burrana’s Cabin Management Terminal (CMT) is a user-friendly interface for cabin crew and ground staff to operate inflight services and manage cabin technologies. It enables airlines to simplify content and system upgrades, reducing installation time and maintenance costs.


Whether you’re seeking to install a fully integrated seat-centric IFE solution, updating your cabin lighting, or upgrading your tape-based systems to digital, our customisable and modular cabin management solution can be installed to support multiple Burrana cabin technology and entertainment products.


When used in its full configuration, the CMT allows crew to control and manage inflight services including IFE, content, in-seat power, cabin lighting and passenger services such as crew call reset and reading light functions. The system also provides the option of applying passenger access controls and introducing ancillary revenue streams.


As a tape replacement solutions, the CMT replaces the video control cabinet with a single line replaceable unit (LRU), connecting existing audio/video systems to offer PRAMS, PA, video and moving maps to overhead monitors.


For ground crew the CMT enables operations efficiency for content and system updates, supporting a full suite of avionics interfaces and enables fault and statistics tracking within the system.

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