Choose a modern, functional and affordable next-gen portable IFE system

Since we introduced the first portable AVOD IFE players in 2004, Burrana has built a reputation as an affordable and high quality IFE provider, maintaining our status as an innovative industry leader.


The NV series digEplayer is the only portable currently on the market that combines the practicality of a custom device with the contemporary design of a consumer tablet. The latest NV series features an integrated stand mounted directly to a metal chassis, reinforced dual headphone jacks, up to 2TB of SSD storage, and a fully customisable HTML5 GUI.


Content is stored on the player’s hard drive and follows complex encryption and transfer protocols in accordance with MPAA studio approved security processes. Players can be charged at one or more locations convenient to the airline, where modular bays with multiple charging ports are configured, vertically or horizontally, to maximise space available.

Our portable devices also feature enhanced high definition screens, fast processing power, seamless capacitive touch, fully accelerated graphics, motion games and integration of applications. They also have the capability for early window film content due to closed system architecture, as well as ancillary revenue opportunities through advertising and other channels.

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