Tape Replacement

Eliminate legacy tape from your existing IFE systems and upgrade to digital with Burrana's low cost, light weight solution

The Burrana tape replacement solution is the lowest cost digital upgrade product on the market and can extend the life of existing overhead video screens for airlines.


Airlines can replace tape or DVD players, obsolete PA or pre-recorded announcement systems, with one simple, easy to use digital head end. This digital solution allows for more efficient updates to IFE content and eliminates the maintenance and cost of legacy tapes.


Our lightweight tape replacement solution is installed in place of the video control cabinet and connects to the aircraft’s existing audio/video systems to consolidate tape decks, PA/PRAM and video controllers into a single unit. It mounts on a convenient galley or cabin wall and frees up overhead bin or galley space. The digital system features up to 4TB internal storage and is updated via a swappable SSD content drive, USB or 4G modem transfers.


The modularity of Burrana solutions gives airlines choice in how they wish to eliminate legacy tape and upgrade to a digital system, with lighting, temperature, cabin management and embedded seat back IFE options all possible.

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