IFE Systems


Provide your passengers with
on-demand in-seat audio/video and applications without interruption

PAVES' unique architecture gives passengers the latest in high-definition video and entertainment applications, while its scalability future proofs your decision, giving you the flexibility to upgrade your system as technology advances.

Content is stored at the seat’s media-player unit, eliminating the single point of failure typically associated with traditional architectures. Passengers can enjoy high-definition entertainment while the system’s compact footprint, light weight and maintenance-friendly features help minimize your cost of ownership.

PAVES On-demand comprises four components: multipurpose media player, LCD retract or high-definition overhead monitors, high-definition media server and a power ethernet box.

PAVES Broadcast IFE

Bring all the conveniences and quality of digital technology to the cabin while significantly reducing weight, volume and power consumption

PAVES Broadcast delivers digital entertainment, recorded announcements and a Moving Map as an option, in a small 4 MCU package. Elevate your single-aisle broadcast in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution with PAVES Broadcast and set your airline apart.


The world advances quickly and new technologies premiere every day. Transitioning from analog to digital is smooth for your single-aisle solution, reducing size, weight and power consumption while freeing up your cabin crew to do what it does best: taking care of your passengers.

PAVES Broadcast provides intuitive touchscreen capability at the control panel, enabling onboard configuration and featuring our HD-capable media server. For customers of the Boeing Sky Interior, the PAVES Broadcast platform is HD capable all the way to the display, with a 12” widescreen high-definition overhead monitor available.


Whichever PAVES Broadcast portfolio best suits your needs, the rationale behind the move to PAVES Broadcast is straightforward. PAVES Broadcast components include the high-definition media server and an option for audio enhancement.



Entertain your passengers and achieve ancillary revenue with the seat centric, embedded GLIDE IFE system

GLIDE is a modular and fully scalable seat-centric IFE system for narrow and wide-body aircraft.


Providing a wide range of screen sizes, the core GLIDE installation includes seat, arm or monument mounted screens, seat box power units, a cabin management terminal and reinforced dual headphone jacks. GLIDE is simple to install, requires minimal aircraft downtime and is the lightest weight, most economical and reliable IFE solution available today.


Leveraging its scalability, the complete GLIDE system offers a fully integrated flight experience for passengers with the additional cabin technologies and passenger features of USB power and 110V in-seat power, passenger service functions, cabin lighting and overhead monitor integration.


Being modular in design, these additional cabin technologies and passenger features can be added as required, now or in the future.


Enhancing passenger experience is what drives our business and GLIDE provides the full range of audio and video on-demand including early window content, short features, android games, inflight and online magazines, web browsing, shopping, advertising and more. The system also provides an extensive moving map and ability to connect to on-board cameras.

GLIDE connects to SatComm, ACARS and other air-ground connectivity solutions to provide live content and can load content until dispatch to provide passengers with a near live experience for airlines not wishing to invest in connectivity.

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