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Accessory Equipment

Other Accessories

We offer full support equipment to cover all of your needs.

We have custom A/C and D/C adapters with tolerances to meet the high demands of aircraft as well as international power sources.

We have high-usage battery chargers in 2-slot configurations as well as 10-slot configurations. These are available for 202 batteries as well as our digEplayer XT battery. Our chargers have been designed and selected to withstand the high use that our customers require.

We offer digEcor branded batteries. Our batteries are designed and manufactured with our applications in mind with an emphasis on long run-times. Our batteries use the latest chipsets and the best battery cells available to provide the longest useful life possible. We offer both the digEcor 202 battery (7800 mAh) and the digEplayer XT battery.

As part of our turn-key services we can provide many different types of headphones from disposable to noise-cancellation. We have experience managing large container shipments around the world.