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Jetairfly wins with digEcor's new product release

SPRINGVILLE, Utah July 14, 2009 - Long time customer Jetairfly is scheduled to retire its digEplayer 5500s and has purchased the digEplayer XLP - digEcor's newest addition to its successful line of handheld IFE devices.

With its three year contract expiring, Jetairfly needed a new device to handle longer flight times without significant costs to acquire the system. Jetairfly IFE Manager Emmanuel Van Damme enthusiastically remarked, "The digEplayer XLP was the perfect combination of extended battery life, aesthetic appeal, and price. Flying on several 767-300s, the new program will launch later this month and is substantially larger than the discontinued 5500 program."

Taking advantage of digEcor's strong studio relationships and competitive pricing, Jetairfly will offer a large variety of movies, TV shows, music, and music videos suiting any preference. Passengers in comfort class will have the players as an amenity and passengers flying economy can rent a player for a small nominal charge, which greatly helps offset the program costs.

Jetairfly will disseminate and collect the players via digEcarts. Each cart is a custom built, lightweight Driessen cart designed to hold the maximum amount of players possible per cart. "The digEcart is a key component of the program as it simplifies player rentals, logistics, and provisioning. Flight attendants are able to seamlessly add the dissemination and collection of players to their regular duties," noted digEcor President Brad Heckel.

About digEcor

digEcor provides the aerospace industry a low cost, turnkey in-flight entertainment solution by specializing in content sourcing and management, personal media platforms (PMPs), and end-to-end programs. With years of experience, digEcor focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed solutions, and generating revenue opportunities for clients. Founded in 2000, digEcor is based in Springville, Utah, with additional offices in Seattle, Amsterdam, and Toulouse, France. For more information, visit www.digEcor.com or call 1-801-489-2022.

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