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digEcor and Aircraft Interiors Expo, what to expect from the market leader

SPRINGVILLE, Utah March 20, 2009 - While browsing the depth of options offered by digEcor, show attendees will be posed with one simple question - Which customized solution are you? Appearing again at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, digEcor will be unveiling a new approach to partnering with airlines that emphasizes creating customized solutions from a large array of options developed by digEcor.

"We have spent countless hours and weekends developing programs and key supplier relationships to provide a complete solution to airlines. We are not just an IFE hardware supplier, but a solutions supplier. We look forward to continuing as pioneers in this industry as we partner with airlines to provide innovative alternatives to new and old problems," commented President Brad Heckel, who will be in attendance at the show. For example, one airline may need a simpler solution such as a portable IFE purchase and content, while another requires specific financing terms, repair support, content, a portable system, and competitively priced headphones for all their aircraft. Oh, and they need FAA approved PMA parts for their embedded IFE systems.

Heckel continued, "We are in the business of taking complex situations or needs and finding workable solutions that benefit the airline and passengers." Literature available at the show will outline a checklist of options by category that eases the evaluation and selection process and helps airline representatives understand what could be included in a custom solution for their airline.

Also, digEcor will be showing new product options to airline representatives. Just one of the product innovations is the implementation of an LED backlit screen. The current CCFL screen used by the digEplayer XT is twice as bright as other portable players in the market. The upgrade to the LED screen increases the contrast ratio making for an even more brilliant display. Yet, the screen is lighter and more power efficient.

Attendees need only speak with a digEcor representative at the show to arrange for a private demonstration of the new products, product features, and the checklist of options for a customized IFE program. To arrange a meeting in advance, please contact Adam Williams at [email protected] or 1-801-489-2031.

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