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Entertainment onboard trains


The history of trains and railroads dates back nearly 500 years, and includes systems with man or horse power and rails of wood or stone. Luckily, trains and passenger travel have improved with technology.

Just as trains have improved over the years, so has the entertainment! Passengers can now have the option of watching video on demand through a digEplayer unit rather than crowding into a club car to watch the movie playing on the TV screen in the corner. With video on demand, passengers can watch movies when they want and where they want.

We have experience working trains inside and outside the USA. Contact us today and we'll be happy to discuss the options for digEplayer entertainment on your trains.

Unsolicited quotes: "Not a trip goes by where at least one passenger doesn't ask "What else is there to do?" I know that is in addition to looking out the window or hanging out in the lounge car. Today's passengers want some type of audio/visual entertainment." -- Forum on

"I tried once to watch a movie in the Lounge. Bad picture on a small TV and you couldn't hear what was going on." -- Forum on