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FAA Approved Parts

What is FAA-PMA Authority?

Any part being used on an aircraft that was not part of the aircraft when it was manufactured and Type Certified must have a separate certification from the FAA to be used and is called a PMA - Parts Manufacturer Approval. PMA parts are manufactured by companies like digEcor to meet the same technical and safety standards as the original parts, only they are much less expensive. PMA parts have been in wide use for over 40 years and offer a great replacement alternative for more expensive and sometimes less reliable original manufacturer parts.

What does digEcor offer?

digEcor offers a variety of FAA approved replacement parts (PMA parts) for in-flight entertainment systems (IFE) as well as other cabin interior needs. digEcor manufactures its own PMA parts and distributes PMAs for other manufacturers as well in order to best assist airlines and MRO shops in reducing costs and improving reliability. In addition, digEcor accepts development requests from airlines and MRO shops to engineer new PMA parts in a continued effort to meet our customers' needs and reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Thales 176521-01 176521-01WE CABLE ASSEMBLY
Thales 172916-09 172916-09WE CABLE-ASSY,VDU EXTENDER
Thales 175167-04 175167-04WE CABLE-BEA
Thales 176541-01 176541-01WE CABLE ASSY
Thales 176546-01 176546-01WE CABLE ASSY
Thales 176546-02 176546-02WE CABLE ASSY
Thales 176546-05 176546-05WE CABLE ASSY
Thales 177031-01 177031-01WE CABLE ASSY
Racal Acoustics 177066-01 177066-01WE CABLE ASSEMBLY
Matsushita/Panasonic R8K8V980901 R8K8V980901. BACK LIGHT ASSEMBLY - REPAIR


Do you have a part that is prohibitively expensive or a part that you can't purchase anymore? We are always looking for new products we can develop to save our customers money. Contact us and we'll research it!

Part Distribution

We distribute parts for several IFE manufacturers and companies holding IFE PMA approvals. Our team has decades of experience in parts distribution and sales to the airlines. We are always looking to add additional IFE products to our product lines.

If you desire a distributor with experience and skills in market penetration, please contact us!