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LCD Aircraft Monitors

LCD Aircraft Monitors

High quality, money saving PMA part

With an average payback period of 24 months, our LCD monitors offer a crisp, high quality replacement for antiquated CRT monitors as well as older, low quality LCD monitors. Offer your passengers an enhanced in-flight entertainment experience while reducing your costs.

Our engineers have set the bar with unprecedented resolution and contrast. Further, the remarkable brightness, 850 cd/m2, means that you can see a clear image even in direct sunlight. Yet, our monitors average an energy savings of up to 50%.

As an example of the superior features each monitor offers, the 15 inch model includes:

  • Better Picture Quality
  • Greater Reliability (MTBF 20,000 hrs.)
  • Weight Savings (Save 23 lbs per monitor!)
  • Repair Cost Savings
  • 30-40 Minute Install Time (“plug-and-play”)
  • Wide Viewing Angle (178 degrees)
  • Complete Installation and Maintenance Manual

Experience complete peace of mind with a Standard 2 Year Full Warranty and digEcor’s Full Repair Services.

Repair Services

If purchasing new monitors is not in the budget, then know that we also operate a Part-145 Repair Station and can offer repair and overhaul services for your existing LCD monitors. Let our experienced technicians overhaul and make your monitors better than new!

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