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LED Cabin Reading Lights

Aircraft LED Lighting

True Plug & Play Lights

Our LED lights are designed to be direct replacements for OEM filament lamps and can be used on Boeing, Airbus, and all Regional aircraft. Advanced built-in circuitry allows the LEDs to also interface with both Boeing’s Bit/Byte System and Airbus’ KID System.

Whereas other LED lights require replacing cabling, power supplies, housing, circuitry, etc., our lights plug directly into the existing housing saving you significant upfront retrofit costs.

Some of the advantages of digEcor’s LED lighting include:

  • LED lamps come in different color temperatures for a softer or a whiter light
  • LED lamps use 85-97% less power than filament lamps
  • LED bulbs produce 50-75% less heat than standard filament bulbs
  • More than 10 times the useful life of a filament bulb
  • Less power consumption saves fuel for every flight hour
  • True Plug & Play reduces installation and hardware costs

digEcor’s LED product line includes FAA certified:

  • Cabin Reading Lights
  • Indicator Lights
  • Cabin Ceiling and Sidewall Lights

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