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digEcor, we haven't lost our bark or our bite

SPRINGVILLE, Utah (May 21, 2008) - Despite some competitors' recent challenges to digEcor's market leadership, the industry creator is far from rolling over and playing dead. With new sales and repeat customers infusing additional lifeblood into an already thriving pulse, CEO Brent Wood reaffirms that digEcor remains at the top and sees only blue skies for continued growth in the portable IFE arena. "We are pleased to announce that long time customer Aeroflot has placed an additional order for digEplayers, nearly doubling the number of digEplayers flying on Russia's premier airline. Reorders such as this one are not only gratifying but an indication that the value proposition of digEcor's services continues to be beneficial for any airline in any size market."

Evidence that digEcor's IFE solution fits any situation is Germany based airline Blue Wings, who will launch the digEplayerXT on two A320s during early July. Among other considerations, the XT was preferred due to the content selection and affordability. Sales Coordination Manager Josh Rasmussen elaborated, "We will be supplying local German content as well as Hollywood content with English, German, and Russian language options. This variety of viewing alternatives, which satisfies the demands of Blue Wings' international and local travelers, helped solidify the digEplayerXT as the right IFE solution for Blue Wings."

Continuing efforts to strengthen the management team, employee Brian Lynch has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Sales for North and South America. Lynch has been employed as a Business Development Manager for digEcor since November of last year. While continuing with many of his ongoing initiatives, some of his new responsibilities as VP of Sales will include overseeing sales of digEplayers to all the industry verticals in which digEcor is engaged and expanding content offerings.

Lynch's appointment as VP of Sales for the Americas comes at an opportune time for digEcor. "In the past few weeks, other portable providers have asserted that digEcor has fallen from the lead. Our market analysis and research shows their assertions to be false. The crucial factor in determining market share is the aggregate number of players in service. Due to our time in the industry, repeat customers, and new sales, digEcor has more players flying on aircraft today than anyone else in the business."

Supporting Lynch's affirmation of market leadership is digEcor's lengthy client list. Original customer Alaska Airlines is currently flying digEplayer 5500s on more than 50 MD-80s. Also among the sizable, international client list flying either 5500s or XTs is Hawaiian Airlines, KLM, Garuda Indonesia Airline, Kenya Airways, SilkAir, Martinair, and France based carrier L'Avion.

With the Platinum Sponsorship at the China IFEC Summit in Beijing, new sales and trials in the works, and exciting product and service developments, digEcor remains well positioned to have another year with revenue growth well into the double digits. "The portables market has rapidly been gaining ground in the IFE industry over the last several years. We have proven that a portable solution is not only viable for airlines but a preferred choice in many situations," says Wood. "Whether the unit is used for the primary IFE system, a service recovery program, or short term lease, portable players offer the flexibility, ease of maintenance, and cost efficiency not offered by embedded systems."

About digEcor, Inc.

digEcor provides the aerospace industry a low cost, turn-key inflight entertainment solution by specializing in content sourcing and management, proprietary personal media platforms, and end-to-end programs. With years of experience, digEcor focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed solutions, and generating revenue opportunities for clients. Further helping airlines to reduce costs, digEcor offers FAA approved replacement parts for cabin interiors.

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