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Flight Deck Gaming to Pilot digEcor's Game Strategy

SPRINGVILLE, Utah August 6, 2009 - Handheld market leader digEcor announced today a new partnership with transit focused gaming provider Flight Deck Gaming Inc. The new partnership will benefit airlines through a new, custom list of game options with built-in revenue opportunities.

"We explored a number of gaming options and found that Flight Deck Gaming's airline operations and gaming expertise made them uniquely qualified to support our airline customers and various initiatives in this arena," stated digEcor President Brad Heckel. The games will include a range of casual, skill-based, and casino style games which Flight Deck Gaming optimizes for play on a given platform, in this case - the digEplayer.

"digEcor is a recognized leader in the IFE sector and my colleagues at Flight Deck Gaming and I are very excited to be working with digEcor's team," said Howard Woods, Managing Partner at Flight Deck Gaming. Through the multi-year agreement, Flight Deck Gaming will provide digEcor and its extensive list of airline partners with gaming related entertainment solutions.

By 2012, online gaming related revenue is expected to exceed $20 billion according to statistical research firm GrabStats. In addition, according to In-Stat Research, revenue derived from various WiFi enabled devices will surpass $1 billion by 2012. The prospect of tangible new revenue streams, coupled with the captive nature of most passengers, has created an attractive environment through which transit providers hope to exploit the commercial potential of gaming. "For example, our customers can take advantage of recurring revenue over the inflight or post-flight gaming life-cycle of their gamer passengers," expounded Heckel.

In other content news, digEcor recently spoke with publication Airfax and announced the addition of documentaries from well-known news source CNN. The acclaimed features include Revealed, Business Traveller, Eco-Solutions, The Screening Room, and Inside Africa. digEcor's current content selection already includes major Hollywood studios such as 20th Century Fox, Buena Vista, Sony, Universal, and Warner Brothers as well as many other independent and regional distributors. "In an effort to regularly provide airlines and passengers with a greater variety of content from which to choose, CNN comes as a first-rate complement to our content list - which is the most comprehensive in the portable industry," commented Content Administrator Jed Thompson. "We are also excited to add Flight Deck Gaming to our current repertoire of content and offer airlines a superior gaming solution."

About Flight Deck Gaming, Inc.

Flight Deck Gaming is a gaming solutions provider that is focused on the transit industry. The Los Angeles, California based company represents a unique combination of airline operations and networked gaming expertise. Flight Deck Gaming employs a diverse portfolio of gaming applications to deliver custom gaming solutions to its partners who come from the various sectors of the transit industry including airlines, cruise, resorts and rail. Although Flight Deck Gaming's solution set supports the entire transit industry, the company's initial focus is the aviation industry and its more than 4 billion annual passengers.

For more information about Flight Deck Gaming, please visit or contact Howard Woods +1 818 404 5478.

About digEcor, Inc.

digEcor provides the aerospace industry a low cost, turn-key inflight entertainment solution by specializing in content sourcing and management, proprietary personal media platforms, and end-to-end programs. With years of experience, digEcor focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed solutions, and generating revenue opportunities for clients. Further helping airlines to reduce costs, digEcor offers FAA approved replacement parts for cabin interiors.

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