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New IFE Partnership Breathes Fresh Air

SPRINGVILLE, Utah October 6, 2009 - Handheld market leader digEcor, Inc. announced today a new partnership with China based Lefeel Media Technology. The goal of the five year partnership is the development of next generation in-flight entertainment systems.

Lefeel Media Technology was founded in March 2007 as an independent company under ZhiXuan (Wisdom Choice) Enterprise. Lefeel is the first and only professional portable in-flight entertainment solution provider from the Asia-Pacific region. Lefeel has experienced rapid growth over the past two years, particularly in the Mainland China aviation market.

Having already successfully designed two generations of portable players and an operational support system, Lefeel broke onto the international scene in early 2009 impressing booth visitors at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Germany. digEcor President Brad Heckel remarked, "I could not believe my eyes when I saw a Lefeel representative at the show in Hamburg throw one of their players up in the air allowing it to fall and hit the floor. He then picked it up and demonstrated that not only was the player unbroken, but the movie continued to play seamlessly. At that moment, I knew that Lefeel would prove to be a high-value partner to help offer a superior IFE experience to airlines and passengers alike."

digEcor has led the handheld market since its inception with its well-known digEplayer system. "We plan to take advantage of Lefeel's technical prowess and enviable work ethic to further our mission to provide our customers with devices that not only offer the highest quality passenger experience, but make available revenue supported entertainment," explained Heckel.

Working jointly on development, two new players are being designed specifically for use in the aviation market. "We have made consulting airlines, flight attendants, and passengers alike a high priority in the development process. We appreciate the help of our airline partners that provided valuable feedback during various steps," commented Heckel. The prototype digEplayer L7 and L10, featuring 7 inch and 10 inch capacitive touch screens respectively, debuted during a press conference held today at the WAEA 30th Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Xiaoming Deng, COO and Vice President of Lefeel, commented, "We are honored and excited to be partnering with digEcor and believe our companies offer the marketplace complementary strengths. This partnership, based on trust and integrity, will bring very attractive, high performance, and low cost products as well as fresh air to the industry."

digEcor is currently exhibiting at the WAEA Annual Conference being held in Palm Springs, CA (Booth #1127).

Lefeel Media Technology

Lefeel is dedicated to upgrading outdated and traditional on-board entertainment system to its Aircraft Portable Entertainment System (APES), comprehensively enhancing quality of onboard services within a reasonable budget. Founded in March 2007, Lefeel is a fully independent company under ZhiXuan Enterprise. ZhiXuan Enterprise is a privately owned organization with headquarters in Hangzhou and business activities covering telecommunications, the Internet, and aviation.

About digEcor, Inc.

digEcor provides the aerospace industry a low cost, turn-key inflight entertainment solution by specializing in content sourcing and management, proprietary personal media platforms, and end-to-end programs. With years of experience, digEcor focuses on increasing traveler satisfaction, creating easily executed solutions, and generating revenue opportunities for clients. Further helping airlines to reduce costs, digEcor offers FAA approved replacement parts for cabin interiors.

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