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Pacific Blue Airlines upgrades IFE offering to the digEplayer L7

SPRINGVILLE, Utah October 6, 2011 – Long time digEcor customer Pacific Blue has again upgraded its fleet of digEplayers. More than doubling the number of devices in service, the New Zealand based carrier will fly digEplayer L7s from Christchurch and Auckland to Australia and some Pacific Islands.

digEcor Marketing Director Adam Williams commented, “Our relationship with Pacific Blue began in 2005 with the award winning digEplayer 5500. Then in 2008, they upgraded to the digEplayer XT. Today, we are happy to announce that Pacific Blue has joined our expanding list of digEplayer L7 users.” The players are rented out to passengers for $20 NZD and feature a variety of movies, television shows, music and games.

Williams also added, “The ease of upgrading is one of the advantages that we, and portables, offer. We repeatedly see customers launch with one model and then upgrade to the current device when they renew their contracts. Several of our customers, such as Pacific Blue, have been with us since the beginning when we were just offering the award winning digEplayer 5500.”

Previously unannounced, parent company Virgin Australia has been flying the digEplayer XT in First Class as a free amenity since late last year. The positive history between Pacific Blue and digEcor as well as the relationship with Virgin Australia made the digEplayer L7 a natural choice for an upgrade. Also, the flexibility in options and ability to do local repairs were key factors.

“We appreciate our airline partners, such as Pacific Blue, who continually turn to us when it’s time to upgrade their IFE,” remarked Williams.

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