Providing portable inflight entertainment solutions
digEplayer L Series

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The Platform

The digEplayer L Series is more than just a portable media player, it is a platform that can be added to and extended through hardware and software.

The Hardware Platform

The digEplayer L Series provides the maximum amount of flexibility through a unique design that allows it to be converted to a semi-embedded system at a low cost. By simply replacing the front and back case, you can purchase a portable solution now and later upgrade to a logistically simpler semi-embedded system reducing your lifetime costs.

The digEplayer L Series also takes advantage of the successful system architecture of the digEplayer XT and adds new features based on user feedback. One of the most noticeable additions is the introduction of a highly responsive capacitive touch screen. Navigating the menus and movie controls is now simpler and more intuitive to users.

The Software Platform

Many portable media players are very limited in what software changes can be made and when changes can be made they are expensive. The digEplayer L Series has been designed to provide the software flexibility that you require. We can customize the user interface, but we also have the flexibility to program new applications based on your requests. We are constantly improving the product through feedback received by our customers and feedback received from the end-user.