Providing portable inflight entertainment solutions

The Platform

The digEplayer XT is more than just a portable media player, it is a platform that can be added to and extended through hardware and software.

The Hardware Platform (Modular Accessory Bay)

The modular accessory bay allows us to adapt the player to your requirements. Currently the Modular Accessory Bay handles batteries, AC adapters, DC adapters, and power over Ethernet adapters. As new ideas and requirements pop up, we can design a solution that utilizes the Modular Accessory Bay.

The Software Platform

Many portable media players are very limited in what software changes can be made and when changes can be made they are expensive. The digEplayer XT has been designed to provide the software flexibility that our customers require. We can customize the user interface, but we also have the flexibility to program new applications based on our customers' requests. We are constantly improving the product through feedback received by our customers and feedback received from the end-user.