Providing portable inflight entertainment solutions


Allow your customer to see it, want it, and then buy it!

Traditionally, entertainment systems have been cost centers. We at digEcor believe that you should have the opportunity to create revenue streams through the device provided to your customers. Not only can you charge a rental fee for use, but we are constantly developing ancillary revenue opportunities such as a digital mall on the player.

Goods provided by third parties, or your own corporation, are made available for purchase through a shopping experience similar to what you find on the Internet. A user can select multiple goods or quantities storing them in a shopping cart until he or she is ready to purchase using the built-in credit card swipe on every digEplayer XT.

One of the biggest advantages with digEcor's shopping mall is that all goods are drop-shipped directly to the address specified by the user. No warehousing of goods or complicated inventory management systems are needed. Creating positive cash flow for your corporation is simple on your end. Just hand-out the player and let your customer begin navigating the shopping mall.